Sunday, 16 August 2015

The Canning Street crossing.

The Crossing:
This great video from The Bike Channel shows one of everybody's least favourite bike pinch points in Melbourne, the crossing of Princes St. in North Carlton (E-W) by the Canning Street cycle and pedestrian lanes (N-S). It takes an age to get across, and the traffic thunders and fumes. The proposed East-West link under here would not have removed road traffic; only sent those trucks and cars prepared to pay the tolls underneath this spot, and the cost of the entire State's transport budget for several years. 

Simple video, powerful message. Aside from fixing up this crossing to make it a bit safer last year or so (except if you want to join the main road traffic on a bike - probably designed by non-cyclists who did not think anyone would do that..) nothing has been done to improve cycling here for years. They could at least shorten the wait times, but we are obviously not as important as cars. Thousands of cyclists wait here every day. It is an embarrassment. 

It needs a tunnel....for the bikes

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